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Privacy Policy

 Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting (hereinafter referred to as Site or aajkiachibaat. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before using the Site. We expressly agree to our storage, use, and disclosure of your personal information.

At aajkiachibaat we value the privacy of our customers and it is important for us to understand what happens to the information you provide to us. This document is to help you understand how we use, store, store and disclose your data.

Data collection

You can browse this website without disclosing any personal information which may make your identity possible. However, once you send us your personally identifiable information, it is no longer anonymous for us. We collect two types of information from users / site administrators: "Automatically anonymous information" and "Personally identifiable information".

Automatic Anonymous Information (AAI)

The site / competition tool allows you to automatically monitor certain information based on your behavior. This information does not identify you personally. We use this information to improve the content and functionality of the site / competition tool, and to better understand and satisfy our visitors. This information may include the browser, your IP address, or other information. This information is sent here as AA.

Personally Identifiable Information (IPI)

IPI is the individual identification information about you that allows you to identify or contact you. Some of the site's functions require you to ask for some IPI, such as Instagram username, Instagram password, and / or other personal information.

But we don't deal directly with your Instagram passwords. We use the Instagram API and OAuth 2.0 to allow our users. Our database is password protected to prevent unauthorized access to our systems. Only members of the engineering team need to know that data can be accessed.

You can choose to provide an IPI to access certain functions on the site. You can always choose not to provide certain information, but in that case you cannot use certain functions of the website.

Exchange information with third parties

The site will target ads based on personal information provided by users and presumed to use the site. This may include gender, age, or geographic indicators. aajkiachibaat does not provide any personal information to the advertiser when you interact with or view a targeted ad. However, by interacting with or displaying an ad, you agree that advertisers may assume that you meet the target criteria used to display that ad. We may collect and share non-personal information collected from you and other users with advertisers, third parties, trusted partners and their affiliates so that they may display advertisements that suit your interests. We may combine your personally identifiable information with information about others. In this case, we will not personally identify your information by deleting your name and other attributes that will identify you. We may use and / or share non-identifying information with third parties. We may share some non-personal information with others to help you understand how you use the Site.aajkiachibaat

Exchange and disclosure of information to any authority

We may require the provision of personally identifiable information by law enforcement, government officials and / or judicial authorities. We will disclose personally identifiable information upon receipt of a court order, or in cooperation with law enforcement, administrative agencies, or other government agencies. We reserve the right to report any activity to law enforcement that we believe is in good faith illegal.


We use cookies to collect personal information, facilitate user experience, remember you on future visits, and better understand how users interact with the site to improve user experience.

The use of these cookies is optional. You can configure your browser to not accept cookies.

However, in order to get the most out of aajkiachibaat, we recommend that you accept our cookies. Some functions may require the use of cookies to function properly

Connect with social media

When you log into your aajkiachibaat account via Instagram, you allow us to access both PII and non-PII from your social media profile. PII information can be viewed publicly and may be used by other members of these sites

A change in our policy

This privacy policy is subject to change at any time. You should review and review this Privacy Policy periodically so that you always know what information we collect, how we use it, and with whom we share it

Commenting or posting on the site

When you post information (tag, link, comment;) on the site, the information may be consulted or used by the user. We therefore urge you to be careful when posting, as this may cause receiving unwanted information from users


On the site, you will find various links that attract you to third-party websites or third-party content. Pecosico shall not be responsible for the links posted by users or the privacy policies of these third parties. This privacy policy, third-party websites, or third-party content that a user accesses from the site does not exclude


For any questions related to this privacy policy, other policies of the site, or how to use the site, please contact us

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